GAGomes as early detection biomarkers: multi-cancer

Recent evidence suggests that metabolic reprogramming of GAGomes is an ubiquitous process in cancers. In a clinical study with 2'064 samples from 1,260 cancer or healthy subjects across 14 cancer types, a multi-cancer GAGome signature was detected in the plasma and urine that was significantly elevated already in stage I in every cancer type tested (Bratulic et al., 2022).

Preclinical evidence in mice supports a causal link between cancer initiation and changes in the GAGome providing mechanistic insights on the utility of GAGomes for multi-cancer early detection.

Elypta is currently validating the use of GAGomes for multi-cancer early detection in three studies: LEVANTIS-0087A, LEVANTIS-0093A, and LEVANTIS-0065.


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