A standardized liquid biopsy platform to profile the human GAGome

Elypta developed MIRAM® - the first standardized and commercial kits to profile the human GAGome at a high throughput. The kits use UHPLC-MS/MS to quantify 17 GAGome disaccharides encompassing the exhaustive spectrum of modifications observed in the three main classes of human glycosaminoglycans - chondroitin sulfate, heparan sulfate, and hyaluronic acid (Tamburro et al., 2021).

An overview of the UHPLC-MS/MS method beyond Elypta MIRAM® kits. Key: CS - chondroitin sulfate; HS - heparan sulfate; HA - hyaluronic acid. Adapted from Tamburro et al., 2021.

MIRAM® was used for the most comprehensive characterisation of the normal GAGome in healthy adults ever published to date (Bratulic et al., 2022).


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