Siniša Bratulić

Siniša Bratulić

Senior Data Scientist

Siniša has 12 years of research experience working within life and biomedical sciences. He joined Elypta as a data scientist, to focus on statistical analysis of glycosaminoglycan profiles (GAGomes) in diseased and healthy people.

Siniša holds a B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology from the University of Zagreb and an M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from Chalmers University of Technology. Following his MSc studies, Siniša earned his doctoral degree at the University of Zurich. After his doctoral studies, Siniša worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Before joining Elypta, he returned to Chalmers University as a researcher studying GAGomes as cancer biomarkers.


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