Liudmyla Korshun

Liudmyla Korshun

Production Manager

Liudmyla has almost 20 years experience working across academic research and biotech industry.

She has received a B.Sc. in Chemical engineering and M.Sc. in Industrial Biotechnology from the National Technical University of Ukraine and her PhD in Biotechnology from Institute of Microbiology and Virology of National Science Academy of Ukraine. Liudmyla continued her career as a research assistant at Diaproph-Med. After moving to Sweden, she worked as a visiting researcher at Karolinska Institute following work in companies developing sensitive diagnosticstools for infectious (Biopromic) or immuno-oncology (Navinci Diagnostics) diseases.

She accumulated broad and relevant experience within product development and optimization, maintaining and scaling up production processes, assessing project and resource requirements and budgets, determining quality controls standards.

She serves as a production manager at Elypta since June 2023.


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