Software Engineer

Elypta is a Swedish molecular diagnostics company focused on reducing cancer mortality through early detection. Elypta is pioneering a metabolism-based liquid biopsy and measures the GAGome – system biomarkers of tumor metabolism. Machine learning algorithms are then used to detect signatures of cancer noninvasively. Elypta discovered that the comprehensive profile of blood and urine glycosaminoglycans – the GAGome – are accurate system biomarkers of tumor metabolism. Clinical studies to date have shown their exceptional potential for early cancer detection, which is key to improving patients’ survival. Elypta aims to be the first company to ever market an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit to measure GAGomes as metabolic biomarkers of cancer and a software to interpret the measurements and return a test result. We are currently developing this software and collecting vast amounts of clinical data to train our cancer diagnostics algorithms.

The role

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join the team and play a pivotal role in launching our cutting-edge cancer diagnostics software and empowering Elypta's research scientists with ground-breaking research tools.

As a Software Engineer at Elypta, you will contribute to the development of our prime medical device software as well as our research software.

This is a full-time position in Stockholm, Sweden. Elypta is headquartered in Solna within the Karolinska Institute campus. 

The candidate will report to the VP of Software Engineering.

Key responsibilities

As a member of the Software Engineering team, you will have a key role in bringing our prime medical device software to the market as well as empowering our  scientists through new research software.

  • Develop and maintain our prime medical device software (compliant to IEC 62304) as well as our research software.
  • Perform clinical data management activities in our research software
  • Write technical documentation in line with the high standards of the medical device industry
  • Work according to Elypta’s quality management system and contribute to the gradual improvement of our organization 
  • Contribute to a team culture based on safety, trust, performance, humbleness, and precision

As Elypta advances, we expect the role and challenges we face to evolve, and we are therefore looking for a flexible candidate with a strong drive and motivation for personal development.

The position will give you the possibility to improve cancer patient health by helping bring our new software to the market and by empowering scientific research.

Required qualifications and skills

  • MSc in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Clinical Data Management (or similar)
  • 1+ year of experience in software product development, preferably within the medical device industry or another regulated industry
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C#, Python, and JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience from, or keen interest in, clinical data management tasks and tools
  • Experience from Docker and AWS (not required but valued) 

Personal characteristics

There are 5 critical personal characteristics to conform to Elypta’s culture:

  1. High attention to detail, with the ability to write high-quality, clear, and concise source code, and documentation (Precision)
  2. Humbleness and open-mindedness towards different perspectives and ways of doing things (Humbleness)
  3. Ability to complete assigned actions with high quality in a timely manner (Performance)
  4. Ability to work independently as well as cross-functional and know when to seek help (Trust)
  5. Mindful about the needs of the team and of all stakeholders in Elypta, in particular, the patients our tests seek to help (Safety)


Please send your CV and cover letter to Gabriel Ortiz, gabriel.ortiz[at]elypta[dot]com, no later than 31 January 2024.

Expect at least 2 references to be provided and checked at the end of the hiring process.

Employment starts at the earliest possible date.

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