Elypta Appoints Dr. Eva Pisa to Board of Directors

Elypta Appoints Dr. Eva Pisa to Board of Directors
May 7, 2024

Stockholm, May 7, 2024: Elypta, a Swedish cancer detection company aiming to commercialize the first metabolism-based liquid biopsy for early detection of cancer, today announced the appointment of Dr. Eva Pisa to its Board of Directors.

“I am very much looking forward to working with the team at Elypta in the exciting field of early cancer detection. The team is working on a mass-spectrometer based detection platform where I see a great opportunity as the technology expands into routine use,” says Dr. Pisa.  

“I am pleased that Dr Eva Pisa has decided to join the board of Elypta. With her background and experience she will help the company to deliver a unique diagnostic technology to patients and society,“ says Elypta Chairman of the Board, Dr. Anders Ekblom.  

“We are excited to have Dr. Pisa join our board. She brings a wealth of experience within IVD and Life Science development and commercialization. This will be very helpful as Elypta approaches the commercialization phase,” says Elypta CEO, Karl Bergman.  

Dr. Pisa founded Sangtec Molecular Diagnostics in 2001 and led the company as CEO to profitability and divesture to Cepheid (now Danaher) in 2007. She later joined Roche Diagnostics where she between 2007 and 2020 held positions with increasing responsibilities. Under her tenure the cobas 6800/8800 was developed and launched. Dr Pisa most recently served as a Senior Vice President and was responsible for Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology and Custom Biotech (B2B) before retiring. She is currently a board member of several biotechnology companies. She holds a doctorate from the Karolinska Institute and a Masters in business from Heriot-Watt University.

About Elypta

Elypta is a Swedish cancer detection company focused on reducing cancer mortality by enabling earlier detection and closer monitoring. The metabolism-based liquid biopsy platform measures a novel panel of glycosaminoglycan biomarkers (GAGome) and algorithms trained to detect cancer-specific signatures. Elypta is advancing a broad study program across different cancers with the leading indications being early detection of recurrence in renal cell carcinoma and multi-cancer early detection.

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